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LUMA Design Workshop: Furniture

LUMA Design Workshop


General Product Care for all materials

  • Dust regularly with a soft cotton cloth
  • Never allow moisture to sit on any metal or wood surface. Wipe spills immediately with a soft cotton cloth and if necessary, a mild soap solution. Follow with a coating of Pledge or Howard’s Feed-N-Wax and buff until dry.
  • Avoid using any acidic liquids and cleaning products containing detergents, alcohol, ammonia or solvents.
  • Abrasive cleaning products must not be used.
  • Consult a professional or contact LUMA Design Workshop regarding any item that becomes heavily worn or damaged.
  • Avoid placing furniture in prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
Download Product Care Tearsheet


General Care: Any metal surface, whether sprayed, oiled and waxed, flame-sprayed or powder coated can and will scratch if it comes in contact with sharp or rough objects. Handle with care. If metal becomes scratched clean with Pledge and follow with an industrial sculptor’s wax to seal the scratch in the coating. Be aware that exposed metal surfaces without a protective coating may corrode or oxidize.

Periodic Maintenance: We recommend regular cleaning with Pledge and waxing with Howard’s Feed-N-Wax to maintain the luster and protective coating on all metal surfaces. On “live” oil and wax finishes, this should be performed on a monthly basis. For spray finishes it can be done annually.

Recommended Products: Howard’s Feed-N-Wax Beeswax Oil, Pledge, Endust (recommended for powder coated surfaces).


General Care: Dust often and clean with a damp cloth using a non-citrus mild soap and water. Follow with a dry cloth, try to avoid letting water sit on the wood. Avoid common hazards such as hot dishes, harsh solvents, and abrasives.

Periodic Maintenance: Wood surfaces can be wiped once a year with a quality lemon oil polish that does not contain silicones.

Recommended Products: Howard’s Orange and Lemon Oil Wood Furniture Polish.


General Care: For general surface cleaning use a clean sponge with warm water. Wipe surface spills immediately. If a set in stain has occurred from a spill left for an extended period of time, use Fantastic or a similar all-purpose cleaning product on a soft cloth to clean the stained area. Once dry, follow with Endust and buff until dry.

Periodic Maintenance: We recommend monthly cleaning with Endust furniture spray. Spray the Endust onto a soft cotton cloth first and let soak in a bit before wiping over the surfaces.

Recommended Products: Endust Furniture Spray.

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