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LUMA Design Workshop: Furniture

LUMA Design Workshop


Creativity is our discipline.

There are few places where decades of disciplined effort can be read and appreciated in a quick scan of four walls. It is even more rare to find examples where the combined skills and sensibilities of an entire team can be gathered into a single object. LUMA Design Workshop, a collaborative effort between the interior design firm Lucas Design Associates and the custom metal fabricator Mayer Designs, Inc., represents both. After many years of working together on high-end residential projects, our two companies recognized the unique opportunity to create a collection of furniture that integrated the clean, modern aesthetic of LDA with the superior craftsmanship of MDI. Each piece in the LUMA collection represents a cooperative effort to produce something innovative and classic at the same time, from refining our designs to achieve the elegant minimalism that defines us through developing our own unique variety of custom finishes. Based in the Pacific Northwest, a place revered for producing craftsmanship and building materials of the highest caliber, our company stands for intelligent design and quality execution.

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